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Linking to copyright infringing material should not constitute copyright infringement itself, says EU court advisor07 Apr 2016

Ruling could help rights holders clamp down on unauthorised sports clips apps, says expert 04 Apr 2016

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  • Unwitting infringements and the law

    Sometimes a company infringes another company's rights without realising it – so intellectual property laws distinguish deliberate theft and innocent infringement. Different rules apply to different types of intellectual property.

  • Podcasting: the legal issues

    Podcasting is the creation of audio content for download to a mobile device or computer for an audience to listen to where and when they want to.

  • Mashups: the legal isues

    On the web, a mashup is a website or application that uses content from more than one source to create a completely new service. They are possible as a result of simple Application Programming Interfaces, or APIs, from sources like Google, and Windows...

  • Database rights: the basics

    Databases can be a valuable commercial asset and generally time and money is invested in their creation and maintenance.

  • Copyright law: the basics

    The skill, creative effort, time and money invested in producing material may be wasted if it is open to other parties to use or exploit that material without paying the creator.

  • Legal protection for databases - case report

    The database right, which was introduced by the EC Council Directive on the legal protection of databases (the "Database Directive"), was severely restricted in scope in November 2004 when the European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled on the dispute between William...

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Companies warned to avoid German 'bounty hunter' schemes 30 Mar 2016

Businesses that provide free Wi-Fi on the side cannot be forced to make their networks secure, says EU court advisor 21 Mar 2016

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Expertise in Copyright

Copyright is an extremely valuable, often unrecognised or misunderstood right which protects a whole range of original materials including written materials, software, artistic materials, music and dramatic works. It arises automatically without the need for registration in most countries and protects these materials from unauthorised copying. It is essential in business to identify such rights, ensure they are owned by the correct entity, properly protected, enforced and exploited.

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