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My Out-Law user guide

My Out-Law is your opportunity to create a news service specifically to cater for your interests. This is how it works.

Selecting topics, sub-topics, sectors and sub-sectors

To personalise Out-Law to your interests you need to tell us what you'd like to see information about. You can choose as few or as many topics, sub-topics, sectors or sub-sectors as you like, and you will only see stories and guides that have been tagged with the categories you have chosen.

You will always be able to see any content not related to your chosen categories simply by navigating to the relevant part of Out-Law.

You can choose categories in the drop down 'add related topics & sectors' menu below the first paragraph of news stories. Or you can go to the 'edit topics & sectors' section via the drop down in the top right of the screen and choose your categories there.

What you'll see

Once you have done this you will see only stories carrying these tags. Your choices will be highlighted in the navigation menus, in the list of story tags beneath stories and will determine what related news and guides you see on the page beside news stories.

This will ensure that your experience of using Out-Law is tailored specifically to your interests. You can alter your experience on the go by selecting and unselecting categories as you go.


You can also use My Out-Law to control the content you receive by email from Pinsent Masons, the law firm behind You can register for a weekly email roundup of the week's news, guides, events and legal updates and can control the categories of information that go into your email via My Out-Law. To do this go to the manage your email alerts menu item and choose what you want your email to contain.

Saved items and projects

We know you often see material that you think is interesting but don't have time to read straight away – that's why have created an area where you can store interesting content and even save it into projects so that you can group relevant material together.

If you see something that you might find useful in the future simply click on the 'Save to My Out-Law' link that appears after the story's first paragraph.

To access you saved content go to the 'my saved items' link in the menu drop down in the top right of the screen and you will see your saved content.

To create projects, click the 'create projects' link, and to organise content into projects, just click on the 'move to project' link. To see your projects click on the 'your projects' link in the menu on the right of the screen.