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Alibaba to open second cloud computing datacentre in US

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba will soon open a second data centre in the US as part of plans to expand its Aliyun cloud computing operations, said23 Jul 2015

Li Jin, product director of Aliyun Cloud Computing, told a news conference in Beijing that the company will launch the new US centre within several months, said. Aliyun already has one data centre in Silicon Valley, which opened in March.

The company also plans new data centres in Singapore, Europe and Japan, Li said.

Aliyun announced a 'data protection pact' for customers this week at what it called its inaugural Data Technology day in Beijing.

Simon Hu, president of Aliyun said the pact aims to protect consumer and business data privacy.

"We aim to make cloud computing the engine of the data technology economy, and big data a driving force of economic development," Hu said. "Aliyun will continuously be committed to building a cloud-computing ecosystem to efficiently and securely serve global clients."

Aliyun analyses more than 100TB of information each day to detect security threats such as weaknesses in software programs, malware and unsafe IP addresses, it said.

A recent survey found that the main obstacles to UK organisations adopting cloud-based IT services are concerns about data privacy, security and losing control over their IT infrastructure.

The research by cloud computing industry body the Cloud Industry Forum said cloud providers need to be "responsible, accountable and transparent" to address those concerns.