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Huawei teams with SAP to cooperate on internet of things development

Chinese telecommunications company Huawei is to collaborate with German software developer SAP to create new products for the internet of things (IoT), or 'industry 4.0'.18 Mar 2015

The companies plan "joint innovation efforts" in Huawei's hometown of Shenzhen, China, and in Walldorf, Germany, the companies said.

Industry 4.0 is "considered to be the fourth industrial revolution", the companies said. It refers to "the use of ICT to integrate cyber-virtual and cyber-physical systems to support smart manufacturing, with information and physical objects connected, and machines linked to a unified smart network", they said.

Huawei's chief strategy officer William Xu said that the companies "are striving to develop a model of China-Europe cooperation".

The collaboration will initially focus on developing solutions for SAP's HANA cloud platform, for transport, shipping and vehicle analytics, plus maintenance and warning services in China in EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa), the companies said.

Bernt Leukert, a member of SAP's executive board, said: “Huawei and SAP complement each other: Our collaboration will be based on SAP HANA cloud platform to create value for our customers in the era of Industry 4.0 and IoT. We believe that technological collaborations that integrate our companies’ expertise will enable us to create enriched enterprise solutions and bring even greater value to customers in China, Europe and emerging markets."

The two companies have been working together since 2012 using Huawei's servers to support the HANA cloud platform.

China is CeBIT's 'partner country' this year, with over 600 Chinese businesses attending, and a 2,500 square meter Partner Country Pavilion, and a China-Germany ICT summit held on 16 March, the opening day of the exhibition.