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BREXIT: Deal must cover every region and every sector, says CBI

In leaving the EU, the UK must achieve a coherent deal that delivers the best outcome for every region and every sector of the economy, the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) has said. 22 Dec 2016

The CBI has produced a report, Making a Success of Brexit, based on consultation with its members.

The report says that the UK’s new relationship with the EU "must meet the needs of every sector of the economy to be a success, as the consequences of leaving any behind could have knock-on effects for others", the CBI said.

"The CBI calls on the government to consider the complexity of the modern economy where no business operates in isolation. Products come with complementary services, supply chains overlap across borders, and many companies do not fit neatly into a single sector," it said.

The CBI has identified six priorities, it said. The UK needs a barrier-free relationship with the EU, its largest, closest and most important trading partner; a clear plan for regulation in the short and longer term; a migration system that lets businesses access the skills and labour they need; a renewed focus on global economic relationships; an approach that "protects the social and economic benefits of EU funding"; and a smooth exit from the EU, avoiding a "cliff-edge", the CBI said.

Carolyn Fairbairn, the CBI's director-general, said: "The modern UK economy is ever more interconnected. Legislation in one sector can have a knock-on effect in many others. For example, any business that handles data or has an online presence can be affected by future digital regulations, not just technology companies."

"The CBI will work closely with the government to deliver an outcome that helps to meet the needs of firms throughout the UK, building a post-Brexit economy that spreads prosperity to all," she said.