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BREXIT: UK promised no tariff costs to Nissan

Car manufacturer Nissan's decision to stay in the UK post-Brexit was based on a government promise that the car industry will not be hit by extra tariffs or red tape, business secretary Greg Clark has said.31 Oct 2016

Clark told the Andrew Marr Show that the UK will aim to secure tariff-free access to Europe for the industry, which is "one of our great strengths".

Clark told Marr: “What I said was that our objective would be to ensure that we would have continued access to the markets in Europe – and vice-versa – without tariffs and without bureaucratic impediments and that is how we will approach those negotiations."

"For the continental European car manufacturers, they export a lot to us, we export a lot to them, components go backwards and forwards. If you conduct the negotiations in a serious, constructive and civilised way there is a lot in common that we can establish. I was able to reassure Nissan – and other manufacturers – that that is the way we are going to approach it," he said.

The government cannot directly compensate Nissan if it fails to negotiate tariff-free access to the EU, under competition law, but Clark said it has made four promises: funding for training; increased research into electric cars; increased use of British companies in the car-making supply chain; and tariff-free access to the EU for the sector.