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CMA considers proposed remedies to competition concerns over online auction firm ATG Media

The UK's Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has asked for feedback on proposed changes to the practices of online auction provider ATG (Auction Technology Group) Media.01 Jun 2017

The CMA opened an investigation in November 2016 into concerns that that ATG Media's practices were anti-competitive, it said. The company is the largest provider of online bidding platforms in the UK.

In particular, the CMA was concerned that the company could be excluding competitors from the market by preventing its auction house customers from using competing platforms, by requiring that its auction house customers offer 'no less favourable' terms to bidders using ATG Media's platform than those terms offered to bidders using competing platforms, and preventing auction houses from advertising or promoting the services of ATG Media's competitors, it said in a statement.

ATG Media has offered to remove all of these restrictions, the CMA said.

"The CMA considers that the proposed commitments address the competition concerns identified, but first invites comments from those who are likely to be affected. If accepted by the CMA, the commitments will bring the investigation to an end," it said.

ATG Media developed out of the Antiques Trade Gazette, founded in 1971, and the company launched its first online auctions in 2007, according to its website.