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May 2004 Articles

  • Workers' on-line privacy boosted in California

    28 May 2004

    A law to increase the privacy protection given to Californian employees when using e-mail or the internet at work was passed by the State Senate on Tuesday. The bill requires that employers notify staff that monitoring will be carried out.

  • 15 arrested for VAT fraud

    28 May 2004

    Eleven men and four women have been arrested by Customs Officers in connection with an alleged £30 million VAT "missing trader" fraud that spanned Europe. While the arrests were made in the UK, premises in Holland and Spain were also searched.

  • Accenture boss to head e-Government

    28 May 2004

    Ian Watmore, UK Managing Director of consultancy firm Accenture, is to be the new head of e-Government. The role, which replaces that of e-Envoy, is to ensure that IT services improve delivery and operational efficiency in Government.

  • £10,000 fine for on-line adult service

    28 May 2004

    The UK watchdog for premium rate phone numbers has fined an internet sex company £10,000 for using software that installed a default dial-up number on users' computers that called a premium rate number without the consent or knowledge of users....

  • Microsoft settles Mythica game trade mark dispute

    27 May 2004

    Microsoft and Mythic Entertainment, the developer of an on-line role-playing game, Dark Age of Camelot, have settled a trade mark infringement and unfair competition suit filed by Mythic last year over a Microsoft proposal for an on-line game called Mythica....

  • Phishing for financials: attacks keep rising

    27 May 2004

    The number of phishing attacks reported to the Anti-Phishing Working Group increased by 180% in April, according to the industry association. Financial firms accounted for fifteen of the twenty most targeted companies, with Citibank worst hit by the fraud...

  • Google faces German keyword advertising suit

    27 May 2004

    Google, already the subject of French and US disputes over its AdWords keyword advertising sales, is now being sued in Germany for alleged trade mark infringement. Metaspinner Media is suing to protect its trade mark "Preispiraten," meaning "price pirates."...

  • RIAA sues another 493 file-sharers

    27 May 2004

    The Recording Industry Association of America has sued 493 alleged file-swappers for copyright infringement. But if a bill heading for the Senate reaches the statute books, file sharers are likely to face more actions than ever – brought by the...

  • DVD-copying software firm blocked again

    26 May 2004

    Copy protection company Macrovision Corporation has won an injunction against a US developer that sells DVD-copying software which circumvents security features to allow consumers to make back-up copies.

  • sues over exclusivity

    26 May 2004

    The on-line subsidiary of Toys "R" Us has sued, alleging that the internet giant has violated an agreement between them stipulating that would be the only authorised seller of toy, game and baby products on the platform....