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October 2004 Articles

  • Strip club argues image rights with Zeta-Jones

    26 Oct 2005

    Catherine Zeta-Jones has sued a strip club in Reno, Nevada over its use of her image on its web site, which carried the tagline "The Friendliest Topless Cabaret in Reno," according to media reports.

  • Spammers ruin e-mail marketing for everyone

    26 Oct 2005

    Spammers' antics are ruining brands' reputations on the web, according to a recent roundtable of leading industry experts, with healthcare suppliers' brands continuing to be hardest hit by spam peddling illicit medicinal offers

  • Rogue traders to be tackled by new European law

    11 Oct 2005

    New legislation to prevent unscrupulous traders evading consumer protection authorities by targeting consumers living in other EU countries will come into force in 2006, the Commission announced on Friday.

  • PLC formation and alteration of capital: EU plans

    29 Oct 2004

    The European Commission has presented a proposal for a Directive to make it easier for public limited liability companies to take certain measures affecting the size, structure and ownership of their capital.

  • Credit advertising rules in force on Sunday

    29 Oct 2004

    New laws to tighten up consumer credit advertising so that consumers will be better able to compare financial products, such as loans and credit cards, come into force on Sunday 31st October.

  • Secret Service swoops on identity thieves

    29 Oct 2004

    An undercover investigation led by the US Secret Service has led to the arrests of 28 individuals across seven countries. Charges include identity theft, computer fraud, credit card fraud and conspiracy.

  • Corporate Britain faces new law

    29 Oct 2004

    A new Act has been passed in the UK which aims to protect the country against Enron and WorldCom-style corporate scandals, as well as creating a new type of company specifically designed for social enterprises.

  • KPMG weighs the risks of VoIP

    28 Oct 2004

    Organisations are adopting VoIP technology – which routes telephone calls via internet connections – without properly assessing the heightened security risks, according to a new white paper from KPMG.

  • Payment fraud: Commission sets out battle plans

    28 Oct 2004

    The European Commission has published a new plan to fight fraud, increase confidence in credit card payments and bank transfers and thereby encourage cross-border purchases and boost e-commerce.

  • Commission to boost confidence in financial reporting

    28 Oct 2004

    The European Commission today proposed collective board responsibility and more disclosure on transactions, off-balance sheet vehicles and corporate governance, setting out plans for four key changes to the EU's Accounting Directives.