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Only children-friendly ads should be shown to unregistered YouTube users, says expert

Advertisers must use YouTube's age-restricting technologies for ads that should not be shown to children if they want to comply with advertising regulations, an expert has said.

Digitally altered photographs can qualify for copyright protection, UK court rules

Photographs that are digitally manipulated using imaging software can be original enough to qualify for copyright protection, the Patents County Court has ruled.

Online ads should generally display icon on behavioural targeting, ad body says

An advertising icon that explains to internet users about online behavioural advertising (OBA) should be displayed alongside almost every ad regardless of whether they themselves are targeted ads, an industry body has said.

Government urged to introduce Digital Economy Act anti-file-sharing code

The Government should implement anti-piracy measures contained in the Digital Economy Act (DEA) "as quickly as possible", an independent panel appointed to review the future of the UK film industry has said.

German ISP does not have to block foreign 'illegal' betting sites

A German internet service provider (ISP) does not have to block its customers from accessing foreign betting websites even if they are considered illegal in the country, according to reports.

Law will not permit sale of second hand MP3s, says expert

OPINION: People have sold their unwanted second hand records and CDs for years and one US company is facing a lawsuit for helping its users do the same with their digital music files. So would it be legal in the UK? The answer is a fairly emphatic 'no'.


Bank of England's accountability proposals do not go far enough, MPs say

Bank of England proposals to prevent abuse of sweeping new powers due to be introduced as part of a review of financial services regulation in the UK "fall short" of what is needed, the chairman of the House of Commons' Treasury Committee has said.

FSA replacement could be a "poor relation" without change in focus, says Treasury Committee

The new regulatory body which will take over the consumer protection role of the Financial Services Authority (FSA) could suffer from the same shortcomings as its predecessor without a change in focus, a Parliamentary committee has warned.


Catalogue company only entitled to simple interest on overpaid VAT, European legal adviser says

EU law allows governments to pay simple rather than compound interest when repaying overpaid tax, an advisor to the European Court of Justice (ECJ) has said.


HS2 alternative offers proportionately better returns, report says

Redeveloping existing rail networks and expanding their capacity would deliver a proportionately better return on investment than creating a new high-speed rail line, according to a Government-commissioned report.


Insurance industry must take action to stop customers launching spurious legal claims, say MPs

The insurance industry must take action to stop customers launching spurious legal claims which are driving up the cost of premiums, a committee group of MPs has said.


Edinburgh Council equal pay settlement shows courts 'less sympathetic' to technical arguments, expert says

A multi-million pound settlement to be paid to hundreds of female Edinburgh City Council workers is further evidence that courts are becoming "less sympathetic" to employers who try to evade equal pay claims through the use of complex legal arguments, an expert has said.

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